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Iron water filter equipment available in the Pittsburgh area for sale or rent.

Do you have iron in your water? We have the iron filter equipment to treat it! If you are in the Pittsburgh area, not only do you have the option to buy our equipment, you may also rent it potentially saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Problem water iron filters at reasonable prices. Our units feature maintenance free and chemical free iron, sulfur and manganese removal. No expensive filters to replace. Every system is made from scratch to order locally.

Determining the correct problem water iron filter.

You can start by following these simple steps:

1. Flow Rate- The recovery rate the well drillers tell you about. Flow rates for water treatment systems are unique. Just follow the instructions on our FAQ page for determining your flow rate.

2. Water Test- You simply must get a water test that includes pH and Iron. Failure to do so is simply a roll of the dice. You have to live with this decision for many years. Let us help you to be sure you make the right decision. If you are not sure how to get a proper water test, just give one of our water technicians a quick call. They can show you how to get a water test for free.

3. Iron Bacteria- You should also test for iron bacteria and organics. It only takes a few minutes and is easy to do. You can find detailed instructions on our FAQ page.

There are many types of Iron filter solutions available.

There are many different iron filter solutions out there and each of them has a different purpose. Before you determine what kind of iron filter you need for your home, you should be aware of the options available to you. Manganese Green Sand Filter is a type of filter that is sometimes good for a really low flow rate. It's not always the best iron filter because of the highly toxic chemical it uses for regeneration, which is called potassium permanganate. Generally it's good to stay away from a manganese green sand filter on residential applications. If you plan on purchasing or renting a manganese green sand filter from us, please contact us before you make your final decision so you can make an informed decision. A Birm Filter doesn't require any type of chemical for regeneration. But it does require air injection and a higher pH to operate correctly. People do not often realize that a Birm filter should have a pH of 8.0 or higher to operate efficiently; especially if you have manganese in your water. A Pyrolox Filter requires no chemicals for regeneration or air injection. The Pyrolox Filter is good but it can often get worn out if it is being used to filter out iron, sulfur and manganese. Because the Pyrolox can get overwhelmed so easily it often needs to be re-bedded. We have re-engineered the Pyrolox so that it does not have these common issues anymore. We call it the Pyrolox Plus. The Pyrolox Plus is only a few dollars more, but it is certainly worth it if you can go virtually maintenance free for the next 15 years or so. And the best news is that Pyrolox Plus can also remove sulfur, manganese and most types of sediment AT THE SAME TIME.

Pyrolox Flow Rates Price Rent
8" Pyrolox 5-8 GPM $699.00

$17.99 Introductory Offer
10" Pyrolox 8-15 GPM $799 .00

$19.99 Introductory Offer
12" Pyrolox 15-18 GPM $999.00

$24.99 Introductory Offer

Pyrolox Plus Flow Rates Price Rent
8" Pyrolox Plus 5-8 GPM $799.00

$19.99 Introductory Offer
10" Pyrolox Plus 8-15 GPM $899.00

$24.99 Introductory Offer
12" Pyrolox Plus 15-18 GPM $1099.00

$29.99 Introductory Offer

Birm Filter Flow Rates Price Rent
8" Birm Filter 5-8 GPM $599.00

$15.99 Introductory Offer
10" Birm Filter 8-15 GPM $699.00

$17.99 Introductory Offer
12" Birm Filter 15-20 GPM $899.00

$21.99 Introductory Offer
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Greensand Filter Price Rent
8" Greensand Filter
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10" Greensand Filter
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12" Greensand Filter
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$949 .00


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