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Remove sulfur odor with a maintenance free sulfur filter.

Does your water have a rotten egg smell, sulfur odor or just plain stinks? We can take the sulfur smells out of your water. In fact, we can take just about any smell out of your water including rust or iron smells, sulfur odor, metal smells, musty smells, stinky manganese smells or anything else. Our chemical free and maintenance free whole house water filter systems usually require no salt or chemicals either. Just set it up and your done. You can set it up yourself or we can do it for you. You can buy a sulfur filter or rent one. They also remove iron, manganese, sediment and many other unwanted contaminants. No matter what the problem might be, we can fix it.

Buy a top of the line quality sulfur filter from us.Pyrolox Plus

You can do a well water test for free just follow these steps.

1. Flow Rate - This is one of the most important things you need to know before getting started. Flow rates for water treatment systems are unique. Just follow the instructions on our FAQ page for determining your flow rate.

2. Water Test - In addition to knowing your flow rate it is also critical to have the water tested and it cannot be wrong. If the results of your water test are not accurate, or based on a guess you may have to live with your decision for many years. If you are not sure how to get a proper water test, just give one of our water technicians a quick call. They can show you how to get a water test for free.

3. Iron Bacteria- You should also test for iron bacteria and organics. It only takes a few minutes and is easy to do. You can find detailed instructions on our FAQ page.

Pyrolox Plus Flow Rates Price Rent
8" Pyrolox Plus 5-8 GPM $799.00

$19.99 Introductory Offer
10" Pyrolox Plus 8-15 GPM $899.00

$24.99 Introductory Offer
12" Pyrolox Plus 15-18 GPM $1099.00

$29.99 Introductory Offer

Is smelly water with sulfur dangerous?

Normally sulfur water in itself is not dangerous to drink, though it can be quite corrosive and dissolve things it touches into the water. Also there are other things that can be found sometimes in water that can cause problems when combined with sulfur or sulfur odors. For example, some types of well water with sulfur can cause diarrhea or uncomfortable bowels when mixed with the calcium and magnesium you get with hard water. Many people see their air conditioners determinate from constant sulfur odors emanating around the unit. Not to mention that when people walk into your home and smell it, you may become socially unacceptable. Many people get used to the sulfur odors and can't smell it the way someone visiting your home can. If you have sulfur odors you need a sulfur filter!

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