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To Properly size a water softener for your home:

size a water softenerTo properly size a water softener you should follow these steps.

First you determine the family size. Remember that an automatic dishwasher counts as half a person and a clothes washer counts as half a person. Also remember that when sizing a water softener, you want to allow for additional family members if you think your family might grow in the future. If there are more than one or two people in the home, or if you expect heavy use from your new water softener, You should be sure to buy a "Metered" or "On demand" water softener. They are far more efficient and will save you money on salt and water.

You will then need to know how hard the water is.

Before you buy or rent a water softener.

Before you buy or rent a water softener you should know a few things first.

Get the water tested. You simply must know how hard the water is before you buy. The amount of hardness in the water helps you to determine what size of softener you need, along with the number of permanent residents that will be living in the home. It also helps you to know how often the water softener must cycle to be efficient. If you are on a municipal water supply, which is also commonly called "City" water, then the people you pay your water bill to will likely already know how hard the water is. NEVER let local water treatment companies come in to your home to test city water. They already know how hard it is, and are simply coming into the home to give you the big sales pitch.

If you are on a private well water system where yours is the only home using the well, be sure you have it tested for iron before placing a softener on the water line. You should never use a softener as an iron filter. Iron will damage ANY softener and make it use large amounts of salt. It will also cause many expensive service calls in the future. It is the most common scam in the water treatment industry. If you have a lot of iron or sulfur in the water you should put an iron and sulfur filter on BEFORE the addition of a softener. Many people who put on the iron and sulfur type filter find they don't need a softener at all. If anyone tells you it is ok to use ANY salt using appliance to remove iron, that is your first indication they do not have your best interests in mind. Run for the hills!

Warning! Never drink the water from ANY softener. The way a water softener works is to take the hardness out of the water and replace it with sodium or some other chemical. It is normally called a one for one exchange. So if you start with a lot of hardness and then you replace it with sodium from the salt, you then have a lot of sodium. It is just plain common sense. Anytime you add a softener to your home, you should either drink bottled water, or use a filter called reverse osmosis in the kitchen to remove the sodium and other unwanted chemicals and contaminants for the water. Normally you can get a great reverse osmosis (RO) unit for the kitchen for around $200 or so. You can buy them from us as well. Beware of companies charging hundreds and hundreds of dollars for such RO filters.

Water softener units and water softener salt.

Here are the water softener units and water softener salt minerals we have available.

If you buy the salt then the best kind to buy is Morton System Saver Pellets. It is the cleanest and most readily available. Or you can buy salt from us and we deliver it to your home. It is a bit more expensive that way, but it is more convenient. And we will load the softener with salt for you while we are there. Since our water softeners only need salt about once per year when properly applied, our customers often find this to be a pretty good value.

The following water softeners tell you how many people in the family each water softener can handle. Don't forget to add 1/2 person each for clothes washer and dishwasher. These units are sized with the understanding your hardness level is at a reasonable level. For example if your hardness is 20 GPG or less, or if you are measuring in PPM or MCL, you would want to stay under 350 for these recommendations. PPM and MCL mean the same thing. If your water supply has more hardness than these examples you should go up a size. If there is any doubt in your mind just give one of our expert techs a quick call or send us an email and we can tell you which one would be best.

24K Softener Tank Family Size Price Rent
Timer 2 $425.00

$7.99 Introductory Offer
Metered 2 $525.00

$9.99 Introductory Offer

32K Softener Tank Family Size Price Rent
Timer 4 $499.00

$8.99 Introductory Offer
Metered 4 $599.00

$10.99 Introductory Offer

48K Softener Tank Family Size Price Rent
Timer 6 $649.00

$11.99 Introductory Offer
Metered 6 $749.00

$13.99 Introductory Offer

60K Softener Tank Faimly Size Price Rent
Timer 6 $799.00

$14.99 Introductory Offer
Metered 6 $899.00

$16.99 Introductory Offer

Add RO drinking water system to remove sodium and other unwanted contaminants for crystal clear purified drinking water.

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